Appliance Repair Problems ? Call Artesia Appliance Service, the #1 Appliance Repair Company the L.A. Area

Refrigerator Repair

We've been dealing with refrigerator repairs in this area for years. Just ask your friends and neighbors.

Whether your fridge is a brand name like GE or Maytag, or another make, chances are we've seen it and are confident in our ability to make it run like new.

Let our skilled technicians diagnose your refrigerator issue and pinpoint exactly what needs to be repaired.

Who needs the horrible clean up of spoiled food as well as the hassle and expense of buying a new refrigerator when a simple call to Artesia Appliance Service will solve all your problems?

Dryer Repair

Broken dryers need to be repaired as soon as possible. That is always our goal.

There is no reason to live with musty, damp clothes when you can call our company today.

Weekend service is available at our regular price and always includes a free, all inclusive quote.

Our customer service reps are always happy to help you find a repairman for your dryer, whether you live in Los Angeles or the surrounding area.

Dishwasher Repair

Automatic dishwashers are a time efficient, highly sanitary way to wash all your dishes.

Dishwasher malfunctions require the experienced technicians Artesia Appliance Service can provide.

Artesia Appliance Service can often provide full service, including diagnoses, parts replacement and repair, all in one visit.

We include a 90 day warranty on our service, so you can rest assured that our trained technicians have you covered.

Washer Repair

What could be worse than a broken washing machine when you need to do your laundry?

These days no two washing machines are the same, inside or out.

At times like these, it's a good feeling to know you can count on us for our years of quality experience.

Because we stay abreast of all the newest technology, we can diagnose your repair quickly and efficiently. Plus, we charge per job, not by the hour, so if your repair is a challenge, it's on us, not you.