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We repair all brands washers in Artesia, CA such as Kenmore washers, Whirlpool washers, GE washers, Maytag washers, Amana washers and many more. (view the complete brands list we work on). We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and there is no extra charge for the weekend or night Artesia, CA washer repair appointments. Our service call is Free with the repair and all the work is guaranteed for 1 year.

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We provide washer repair to all Artesia, CA zip codes and surrounding cities. The following areas correspond to our Appliance service areas:

Los Angeles
Long Beach
Santa Clarita
Beverly Hills
Temple City
South Pasadena
San Fernando
San Gabriel
West Hollywood

El Monte
West Covina
Sun Valley
Agoura Hills
Hermosa Beach

Manhattan Beach
Playa Del Rey
Redondo Beach
Westlake Village
Monterey Park
El Segundo
Santa Monica
South Pasadena
West Covina

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We repair all brands washers


Speed Queen
Fisher & Paykel

O'Keefe and Merritt
Magic Chef

And many more washers that we repair in Artesia, CA brands view the full list

We have been in Artesia, CA washer repair business for eight years. Take a look at what some of our previous clients
have had to say about us. For immediate Artesia, CA washer repair service call us 24/7 out our toll free number:

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You can also can contact us by the for your Artesia, CA washer repair appointment. Just send us your name, a brief description of the washer problem and your contact information.

Please read these preventative and easy-to-repair tips. However if your washer problem cannot be resolved with our easy tips, consider calling us for an wasger repair appointment. We will be happy to help.

FOR THE SAKE of simplicity, think of your washer as consisting of two main systems a washer water system and a washer mechanical system. But governing the washer operation of these systems are a number of washer electrical components. They are the timer and various washer switches.

Timer. The timer is the heart of the washing machine. Its job is to control the time at which each function is to occur so that a correct sequence of events is maintained.
A washing machine timer consists of several contact points ganged together which are controlled by cams. Each set of contacts has its own individual cam. The washing machine cams are turned by a gear-spring-shaft mechanism called an washing machine escapement. Most washer contain an agitator which moves water around the clothes to clean This by current which delivers, in most areas, a constant 60 cycles per second. Each cams has high and low points. And the cam rotates on its high points, and contact terminals it controls are open. The terminals resemble the points in a car's distributor. One terminal is movable?the other is stationary. The washing machine cam activates the movable terminal. When the cam presents its high point, it makes contact with a little lever called a cam follower. This lever pushes the movable contact terminal off the stationary contact terminal. Now, all this does is prevent a circuit from being completed. No electricity can flow through the particular washing machine circuit, and the washing machine function doesn't take place. When the time comes, though, the cam is snapped into position by the escapement so its low point is presented. This allows the contact terminals to snap together, permitting completion and activation of the circuit. Notice that washing machine cams snap into place?they do not move into position gradually. Gradualism would cause arcing, because a narrow gap would be created between the washer terminals. Arcing is a sustained discharge of electricity across a gap, and it can destroy the set of terminals, and therefore the washer timer switches. Automatic clothes washer possess switches that control water temperature, water level, washing machine motor speed, spin stop and several other washer functions. Switches are activated by various means if any washer switch is broken. The machine shuts off. Closing the machine door on the push-button, or whatever, causes the switch to activate. Other washer switches are pressure switches that are actuated by pressure reacting on a diaphragm, float switches that turn on and off according to the level of water, washer centrifugal switches that are actuated by the force established by a washer spinning shaft, and thermal switches that are actuated by temperature. Another kind of switch which is used in all washing machines is the solenoid switch. A solenoid is an electromagnet that transforms electrical energy into mechanical motion. The basic components of a solenoid are a coil of wire and an iron bar which is set up to move freely through the center of the coil of wire. The iron bar is referred to as the core. The core is connected to a spring. The coil of wire is connected into a circuit so it can receive voltage. When no voltage is applied to the coil of wire and everything is reenergized, the core is kept at rest by the spring. But when voltage is applied, the coil becomes a magnet that pulls the core into another position. By attaching a washer solenoid to various linkages, or whatever, it can be made to perform various functions. One of these functions is to service the water system.

If you need professional assistance for your Artesia, CA washer repair needs, call us 24/7:

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Or send an Artesia, CA washer repair appointment request online at To do so, please specify your name, address and a brief nature of the washer problem. Once we receive your request we will contact you as soon as possible for your Artesia, CA washer repair appointment.