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We pride ourselves as one of Venice's recognised appliance repair business, and all of our homeowners are provided with specialist understanding and a smile.
Where else would you go for good, old-fashioned customer support? Artesia Appliance Service, surely!Make Artesia Appliance Service your very first call when it comes to all your appliance repair services.

Whether it's a freezer or fridge not functioning, an oven that won't heat up or even a malfunctioning clothing dryer, Artesia Appliance Service is really your one stop repair facility.
It's pleasant to realise you've made the right choice, and with our specialist technicians, there will never ever be any necessity for anyone else.

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We simply ever use manufacturer components, so you won't get the low-cost replicas frequently used by our competitors.

Not only does it guarantee that the elements are made from top quality material, but it also signifies nobody has to wonder whether or not these fit correctly.

That's due to the fact that quality is our number-one priority.

When you get a defective appliance, call us and you can be sure if ever there really's a method to fix it, our experts can do it.