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When you decide to work with one of our skilled service technicians, you'll receive an accurate diagnosis, plus a cost estimation, which will necessitate your approval right before our company start the job.

Our hard working technicians are specialists in countless kitchen appliances, including ranges and electric stoves, refrigeration and freezers and washing machines and clothing dryers.
With help from our workers, Artesia Appliance Service has actually invested a lifetime acquiring the respect of Sunset Beach.

Our repairs are high quality and efficient, without breaking the bank.

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We have actually observed a few of our brand-new customers get worried when we offer them with a price quote on the repairs they're going to need to their home appliances. Previously they had gotten quotes from appliance repair shops which appeared to provide them a really good offer, but when the final statement was determined, it turned out that the appliance service provider had actually snuck in all kind of unrevealed charges which drove the total sky high. You'll never ever have to fret about that with us.
When we supply you with an estimate for your property or commercial appliance repair, it's the true quote: we have actually calculated everything, we guarantee to honor the price quote.